Main tracks and topics

Early Identification of Hearing Loss (screening and diagnosis)

Intervention and Rehabilitation (strategies and technologies)

Hearing Loss: Mechanisms, Effects and Medical Issues

Epidemiology of Hearing Loss

Auditory Perception
Auditory Processing Disorders
Cognitive Decline and Dementia in relation to hearing loss

Listening effort and fatigue
Amplification: technologies and strategies
Cochlear Implants: state-of-the-art
Speech Perception/Speech Development

Genetic Issues

Auditory Neuropathy

e-Health and m-Health

Etiology and Medical Issues

Family Empowerment

Family Perspectives



Organized by the European APD Group.

This session will provide updates and bring practical information on how to evaluate hearing going beyond the hearing sensitivity element.

What are the tests that we should be using in everyday clinical practice on top of the already used ones? How is APD related to hidden hearing loss (i.e. cochlear synaptopathy)? What is the minimum test battery to diagnose APD? How is APD related to cognition in light of recent evidence that poorer evaluated cognition may be the result of not taking into account an auditory deficit? Clinicians with research experience will discuss how objective measures may assist APD diagnosis and how APD management may improve attention and short term memory.

Last update: 19 July 2019